How to Shave With a Dull Razor Blade


There's no better way to shave than with a fresh, sharp, brand-new razor blade. But what happens if you get stuck with a dull razor blade? There is one secret to shaving that every post-pubescent man and woman should know if in this predicament. This method of shaving will avoid cuts, skin irritation, and make the blade glide like new.

Wash the areas of skin you'll be shaving. This loosens the skin and helps prevent infection in case of cuts.

Use an exfoliating cream if you're prone to skin irritation. Also, if you're a man with sensitive skin and will be shaving at least a few days' worth of facial hair, soak a washcloth in warm water and press it to your beard and mustache for about half a minute.

Apply a thin layer of any skin moisturizing cream to the areas of skin you'll be shaving. This is the secret step. Dab the moisturizer on, but don't rub it in.

Apply your shaving cream, lotion, or gel directly over the layer of moisturizer.

Shave as usual, and enjoy the dull razor blade's smooth, effective glide.