How to Shave Legs Perfectly

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When it’s time to slip on your bathing suit or don your new shorts, the perfect shave will help you be proud of your legs. But don’t just grab your razor and go to town on those pesky hairs. Take your time and do it right to get the perfect shave every time.

Time It Right

Time of day matters when it comes to the perfect shave. Shaving in the evening rather than the morning allows time for the skin to heal while you sleep, since the top layer of skin is removed during shaving. Make shaving your legs the last thing you do in the shower or bath so the water and steam opens the follicle and softens the hair. Use warm to hot water, and gently exfoliate your legs with a washcloth, loofah or exfoliating wash.

Lather and Shave

Never shave your legs dry or without shaving cream. Choose a moisturizing cream or gel to allow the razor to move smoothly over the skin. Use a good-quality, sharp razor. Start shaving at the ankle and move the razor up towards the knee. Apply gentle pressure and move the razor slowly over the skin. Shave the entire area below the knee, then shave the knee, and finally shave as far up your thigh as you want. Go especially slowly over your shins, knees and ankles, since these areas are curved.

After Care

Treating your legs properly after shaving helps to maintain the perfect shave. Rinse off all of the shaving cream with warm water. Dry your legs with a towel. Apply moisturizer to the legs about one hour post-shave. Waiting one hour gives the pores on the skin time to close.