How to Sew and Sell head wraps

Head wraps are popular but the selection is boring. Why not make your own and make so money in the process. A friend once asked me to make a few head wraps for his mother who had lost her hair due to chemo. He wanted to help her regain her sense of beauty and I was pleased to help.

Fabric usually comes 45 inches wide folded. Purchase 2 yards and cut up the middle along the fold line. Now you have two pieces of 22 1/2 inches by 72 inches long. These will make two head wraps.

Press and fold a half inch along the edges length wise on both sides and then along the top and bottom (short sides)

Straight stitch along your new folded edges top and bottom and lengthwise. This will prevent your fabric from fraying and create a nice and neat head wrap.

Crank out a slew of these in all different colors and sell them at your local flea market. You can also market them at your local cancer centers, better yet donate a few instead. You can use a softer fabric and make scarves to ware around ones neck.