How to Serve Guests at a Casual Luncheon

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Serve Guests at a Casual Luncheon. If it is your turn to host the family, business or social luncheon, consider yourself lucky that the meal you were chosen for is lunch. A luncheon can be a very casual affair no matter how many guests you are expecting.

Decide if you will be serving guests inside or outside for your luncheon. If the weather is nice, a casual luncheon served in the yard or garden might be a wonderful idea.

Keep it casual. Don't complicate things with a meal that is difficult to prepare or serve. Make guest feel at home with a no-fuss style for your luncheon. Do as much of the preparation in advance of guest arrival as possible.

Make it buffet style. The best way to serve a casual luncheon is with a buffet style of guests serving themselves.

Go back to basics. Cheese and crackers, fresh fruits and nuts are great additions to a casual luncheon that do not require fancy plates or much advance preparation.

Consider serving only finger foods. Small sandwiches, slices of pizza, chips and dip and vegetable trays can create a nice buffet of finger foods that won't require place settings.

Simplify drinks. For non-alcoholic choices, put out single serve bottles of water and soda. Alcohol at a casual luncheon can be limited to bottled beer or wine. Another easy and fun choice for a luncheon is a big bowl of fruity punch with or without the alcohol. Avoid offering mixed drinks which involves more preparation.

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