How to Seal an Aeternum Pressure Cooker

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Aeternum pressure cookers are heavy-weighted and made of stainless steel. The lids are unique among pressure cookers, with circular locking lids and heavy gauge gaskets. The lids have a ring that fits on the pot and an inner lid with a long handle down the center that locks the lid onto the pot. The gasket is located on the underside of the rim of the lid, where it sits on the pot. If your gasket is cracked or broken, you will not get a good seal and need to replace the gasket. Because Aeternum pressure cooker pots are round, they can also be used as regular cooking pots when the lid is removed.

Place the lid on the rim of the pot so the outer ring of the lid sits securely on the rim of the pot.

Tilt the handle on the inner lid of the pressure cooker and pivot it up slightly.

Turn the lid to line up the crossbar where the top handle is attached with the side handles.

Push the handle on the lid down as far as it will go to fully seal the lid.

Screw on the weight to the right until it will not screw on any further. It should still rotate freely on the support when it is completely on, but you will notice that it does not screw any further when it is tightened on the lid..