How Long to Cook Canned Salmon in a Pressure Cooker?

Smoked salmon.

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Cooking times for canned salmon vary, depending on your raw materials and desired result. Preserve raw salmon at home by canning it in a pressure cooker, which takes approximately 90 minutes, depending on your pressure-cooker model and settings. No specific cooking time is necessary for purchased canned salmon, which is fully cooked. Simply reheat it, or eat it cold if you prefer.


Pressure cookers seal in liquids, allowing them to reach higher temperatures under pressure. The higher the pressure, the faster your food cooks. Because pressure settings vary by model, you must consult your owner’s manual for accurate cooking times and pressure settings. The time it takes to build pressure and temperature will determine how long you cook canned salmon.

Preparation Time

Boil open jars of raw salmon in a hot bath prior to pressure-cooking. Cook them long enough for the internal temperature of the fish to reach 78 degrees Celsius. Use a thermometer to check the temperature of the salmon periodically. Reaching 78 degrees Celsius is more important than cooking the salmon for a specific time frame. Do not try to seal cans of salmon in the hot-water bath alone – you must use a pressure cooker to can them properly.

Canning Time

Seal the cans and put them in the pressure cooker. Bring the pressure cooker up to the specified pressure setting from your owner’s manual. Start timing once the salmon has reached the proper pressure, and not before. If you cook salmon at too low of a pressure and temperature, you will not destroy harmful bacteria. Follow the owner's manual instructors for depressurizing your pressure cooker.

Cooking with Canned Salmon

Substitute canned salmon for canned tuna in any recipe, or add it to casseroles, soups, salads or sandwiches. Canned salmon is fully cooked and has no specific cooking time. Use canned salmon in pressure-cooker recipes with short cooking times for the best results. For example, cook canned salmon with broccoli and spices in the pressure cooker for three minutes to add flavor.