How to Scrub Feet

How to Scrub Feet. Scrub your feet to make them attractive and healthy. Exfoliation removes dead skin and eliminates microorganisms that cause infection and odor. Blood circulation through the foot and toes also improves with proper technique. Follow a few simple steps to make a foot scrub part of your health and beauty care regimen.

Select a foot scrub. It contains granules of salt, sugar or similar course material with exfoliating properties. You can find foot scrub in stores that carry health and beauty care products.

Fill a foot basin with warm water. Soak your feet for ten minutes to soften them. If your feet are very calloused and rough, add milk to the basin. Use one part milk to six parts water. The lactic acid in the milk is a natural softening agent.

Dispense an amount of foot scrub equivalent to the size of a quarter. Rub it between your palms until they are well covered.

Raise one foot out of the basin. With the fingers of both hands, make circular motions to massage the foot scrub over your entire foot. Start with your toes. Move to the sole of your foot. Work the ball, arch and heel. Cover the top of your foot. Progress to your shin and calf.

Return your foot to the basin to rinse off the scrub. Use a washcloth to remove any excess.

Give your other foot equal care. Repeat Steps 3 through 5.

Towel dry both feet. Apply your favorite moisturizer.