How to Saute Scallops With Wine, Butter & Garlic


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0:04 I'm Billy Oliva executive chef of the de

0:07 Monica's Restaurant Group and today

0:09 we're going to do sauteed sea scallops

0:12 with white wine butter and garlic great

0:17 simple dish easy pan sauce let's get

0:20 started here we have our beautiful sea

0:23 scallops that have been seasoned with

0:26 sea salt and some fresh cracked pepper

0:28 now we're going to move these over to

0:30 our saute pan sear them off make our pan

0:33 sauce okay so we're going to add a

0:35 little bit of oil to our pan we want it

0:37 nice and hot our objective is to get

0:39 beautiful color on these sea scallops

0:41 tilt the pan forward a little bit keep

0:43 the order away from us when we put the

0:45 scallops into the pan and there we go

0:47 we're gonna sear these up get nice

0:49 golden brown color caramelize to give it

0:52 a little bit of a crunch and it's also

0:54 going to sweeten it up very important

0:57 when you're doing stuff like this you

0:58 don't need to play with it keep turning

0:59 it over one side over the other side let

1:02 it cook you'll get a better end result

1:04 and see now we're starting to get a nice

1:06 color on our scallops so now they should

1:08 have great color by now look at that

1:10 beautiful color great carmelization I'm

1:13 gonna give it color on the other side

1:15 now beautiful and we want to cook these

1:18 about medium if you like to eat them

1:20 cooked all the way through you know by

1:23 all means cook them all the way through

1:24 these are so fresh so good you could eat

1:26 these raw if you wanted to so we have

1:28 great color on our scallops now so now

1:30 what I'm gonna do we're gonna make a

1:32 quick pan sauce and I don't want to boil

1:35 the scallops in the sauce we have that

1:38 nice crispy top there and I want to keep

1:41 that nice and crisp we're gonna keep

1:43 those in a great warm place and now

1:45 we're gonna make our sauce so here's our

1:47 pan or scallops are out we're keeping

1:48 them warm they're cooked ready to go

1:50 look beautiful now you have all these

1:52 little brown bits in the pan that's

1:54 where the flavor is and they get a great

1:56 flavor so the first thing we're going to

1:58 do is we have our beautiful sabayon

2:02 blanc that we're going to deglaze our

2:04 pan with and when we add the Sauvignon

2:06 Blanc for this pan we always want to

2:08 take it off the heat the pan is hot we

2:11 don't there's alcohol in the wine we

2:13 don't want a big fire to come up we

2:15 don't want to set the house on fire

2:17 we're gonna add our wine to get all

2:19 those bits look at the color of that

2:21 sauce oh and what that color is from

2:23 it's from all those little bits of

2:25 scallop that we're stuck to the pan so

2:29 we're gonna add just a little touch more

2:31 wine and we're going to add it back to

2:32 the stove I have some beautiful roast

2:34 garlic here I like to use roasted better

2:37 than anything else it's sweeter it's

2:39 already cooked so we're gonna add just a

2:41 drop of that roast garlic to our pan I

2:45 have here a little bit of herbs some

2:48 parsley a little bit of chives some

2:51 freshly squeezed lemon juice and we're

2:54 going to let this cook a little bit just

2:56 till all the garlic puree is dissolved

2:59 the roasted garlic puree is dissolved

3:00 it's gonna come to a boil we're just

3:03 going to season it just a little bit of

3:05 sea salt quick turn of pepper and we're

3:08 going to finish it with our softened

3:09 butter here once we add the butter it

3:12 doesn't go back to the heat you want to

3:14 keep stirring it stirring and stirring

3:15 it and the butter is actually going to

3:17 make the sauce nice and thick nice and

3:18 velvety perfectly Rush Hour's

3:20 roast garlic wine butter seared scallops

3:23 so our scallops have been seared

3:25 beautifully our sauce is ready our pan

3:27 sauce very simple roast garlic white

3:30 wine lemon butter some herbs if you

3:34 don't have parsley or chives you can use

3:35 whatever if you like if you don't want

3:37 any herbs at all you don't have to use

3:38 any herbs so let's plate this up so we

3:41 have our beautiful scallops that have a

3:43 nice crust on the top it's gonna put

3:45 those in the center of our plate and

3:47 like I said earlier any of that juice

3:50 that comes out from the scallop goes

3:53 great in the sauce our garlic butter

3:55 scallops with roast garlic white wine

3:57 and butter

3:58 I'm Billy Oliva executive chef of the

4:01 demonic hos Restaurant Group check us

4:04 out at Delmonico's Restaurant Group calm

4:06 this dish smells great and I want to eat

4:10 so let's see

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