How to Roast Pecans


0:05 hi this is angie from angie southern

0:07 kitchen and today we're going to learn

0:09 how to make roast pecans this is a very

0:13 southern dish if you go to a party or a

0:15 tea or baby shower or anything you're

0:18 always going to find this on the table

0:19 in a southern home and it's very easy

0:22 it's all i like to do is take five

0:26 tablespoons of butter and i will melt

0:30 this in the microwave and two cups of

0:35 pecans and once you've melted this in

0:37 the microwave you coat the pecans in

0:40 them salt them and put them on a baking

0:45 sheet and bake them in the oven for

0:47 about 20 minutes at 275 and you've got a

0:50 great appetizer again this is angie from

0:52 angie southern kitchen and you just

0:54 learned how to roast pecans