How to Replace Croc Shoe Buttons

by Celeigh O'Neil

Croc shoes often are accessorized with decorative buttons, which are manufactured in many shapes, ranging from cartoon characters to flowers and symbols, to name a few. When you get tired of old buttons, it is possible to replace them with new ones that will brighten up your shoes.

Step 1

Place your hand inside of the croc shoe, directly underneath the button.

Step 2

Push the nib of the button upwards, while holding the shoe in place with your other hand.

Step 3

Pull the button out from the top of the shoe once it has been loosened. Do so until all old buttons have been removed.

Step 4

Hold the croc in place with one hand, and push the new button in through one of the shoe’s holes. If you are placing it in a spot that previously held a button, it will fit well. If not, twist the button in a circle as you are pushing it through the hole to set it in place.

About the Author

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