How to Make White Vans White Again

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Since 1966, Paul Van Doren has continuously provided customers with desirable and reliable shoes known as Vans. Like any footwear, white Vans need proper care to maintain their clean and new appearance. White Vans become dirty easier than any other shoe color, but restoring them to their original color is easy with a few simple household items.

Submerge the top of the shoes in a bowl of water and remove quickly. This dampens the shoes without soaking the soles.

Place the shoes on a dry towel with the top facing upward.

Fill a plastic cup half way with a mild dishwashing soap with bleach alternative. Cover toothbrush bristles with dish soap and scrub the shoes gently. Focus primarily on dirt spots and areas that are not as white as they should be. Clean the entire surface of the shoe.

Submerge Vans into a bowl of water to remove the dish soap and remove quickly. Pat shoes dry with a towel and set out to dry.