How to Dye Canvas Shoes but Not the Rubber

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Whether you want shoes that will perfectly match an outfit or you just want to have some fun creating your own custom shoes, dying canvas shoes is a fun way to play with color. Unfortunately, dyes can often end up on the white soles of canvas shoes when you dye them yourself. Painter's tape can help you avoid getting any unwanted color on the white soles of your new personalized shoes.

How to Dye Canvas Shoes but not the Rubber

Make sure your shoes are clean. Cover edges of soles with overlapping pieces of painter's tape. For curved edges, use many small pieces to make sure every part is well covered. Be sure to remove the laces unless you also want them dyed.

Fill a clean bucket with hot water. Add dye, and salt if specified by the manufacturer's instructions.

Use hot water to get sneakers wet and place them upside down into the bucket of dye, holding them by their soles. The longer you keep them in the dye, the darker shade your shoes will be.

Follow the instructions on the dye's label and rinse as it directs

Allow your shoes to air-dry. After they have dried for a bit, remove the tape covering the rubber soles. Rub a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser over any spots on the soles. Rinse bucket immediately to avoid staining it.