How to Repair LED Christmas Lights

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LED Christmas lights use special bulbs to produce bright, vivid colors. These lights typically last a lot longer than regular lights, and are also more environmentally friendly. LED light bulbs still may go out from time to time and need to be repaired in order to restore your lights to their original glory. Fixing LED Christmas lights is fairly simple, and can be much cheaper than throwing out your old light strand to buy new ones.

Test your LED lights by plugging them in. Determine which bulbs need to be replaced. Unlike traditional Christmas lights, a single burned-out bulb will not cause entire sections of the lights to turn off. Some failing bulbs may still produce light, but appear much dimmer than the surrounding bulbs, so these bulbs should be replaced. You may wish to apply a sticker or use a marker to mark the affected bulbs for easier replacement.

Determine what color bulbs you will need. LED lights use different voltage levels depending on their color. Clear bulbs use 3.2 volt bulbs, as do blue, purple and green bulbs. Red, yellow and orange bulbs usually use 2.0 volt bulbs. Be careful to use the correct voltage to avoid fire hazard or permanent damage.

Purchase individual replacement bulbs, or use bulbs from a second strand of matching voltage. If you use a lot of LED Christmas lights, it may be cheaper to buy a single strand of lights to be used only as replacements, rather than ordering a large number of individual replacement bulbs.

Remove the broken bulbs from their sockets by pulling on them. Be certain to unplug the lights before removing any bulbs.

Slide the replacement bulbs carefully into the open sockets of the strand of lights. When all the broken bulbs have been replaced, test the strand by plugging it back in.