How to Repair a Wedding Band

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As wedding bands are most commonly constructed of gold -- a very soft and delicate metal -- breaks or splits in rings are common. Fortunately, repairing a broken or split gold wedding band is easy. There is no need to visit an expensive gold repair jeweler, when you may repair it yourself at home. With a few commonly found tools and some gold solder, repair your damaged ring with ease.

Place the ring in a clamp with the broken ends lining up as closely as possible as you would like them welded back.

Heat the ring from the opposite side of the break. As heat travels from the coldest point with gold, you want to heat the opposite end of the break to give you more control over the weld.

Apply some gold welding flux to the site of the break.

Place some gold soldering wire or sheeting on the site of the break. It should melt and fill the gap through the heat of the ring, but if not, gently apply some heat to the solder until it effectively fills the broken section.

Allow to cool and file the site of the soldering smooth with a light gauge file.