How to Clean Gold Rope Chains at Home

gold chain image by saied shahinkiya from

Gold rope chains glisten and shine when you first purchase them. Over time, your body’s natural oils and grime will make your rope chain look dingy and less lustrous. When you want to restore the natural brilliance of your rope chain, give your jewelry a good cleaning. There is no need to schedule a jewelry store visit. You can clean your jewelry in minutes with products and tools you probably have at home. Clean your rope jewelry every few months and store it properly.

Add two drops of liquid dish detergent to a small glass bowl. Fill the bowl 1/3-full with warm water.

Place your gold rope chain in the dish of warm water. Make sure the chain is completely covered.

Set the timer for 15 minutes and leave the gold rope chain to rest in the liquid.

Remove the jewelry from the water when the time is up. Use the toothbrush to gently scrub the gold chain. Hold the chain in your hand or lay it flat on a dry towel. Scrub the surface of the jewelry.

Place the jewelry in a small strainer or colander. Run warm water over the jewelry to remove any soapy residue.

Remove the jewelry from the strainer and dry it with a clean, soft cloth.