How to Remove the Garter at a Wedding

The garter removal tradition at weddings originated in 14th-century France thanks to the belief that tearing off a piece of the bride’s clothing would bring people luck. While tossing the garter may be less destructive to their attire, many modern brides choose not to include this tradition. For couples who want to keep the custom, grooms may choose to remove the garter in a tame or racy manner.

Tame Garter Removal

A bride who participates in this tradition wears two garters: one placed on her upper thigh and one usually near her knee. The groom removes the one placed lower. The bride usually sits on a chair and is strategically positioned so nothing under her gown is inadvertently shown to the audience. A bride may prefer to remove her own garter in private then hand it to the groom for the toss.

Racy Garter Removal

Originally, grooms removed the garter with their teeth instead of their hands. Daring couples might keep this tradition alive. You also might play a suggestive song such as "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye or "Lapdance" by N.E.R.D. Another option is to handcuff the groom before the garter removal so he has to find an alternative way to remove the intimate garment.