How to Remove Hairdreams Extensions

by Lauren Wise ; Updated September 28, 2017

Many women wear hair extensions nowadays, and some of the extensions, such as Hairdreams' extensions, are made out of real hair.It is difficult to tell the difference between your Hairdreams extensions and your own hair. After a certain time, you should remove the hair extensions so they do not become damaged. Hairdreams' extensions can be kept in the hair for 4 to 6 months, but for some people can start to show damage after two weeks, at which point they should be removed. It depends upon how you treat the extensions and how well you take care of them.

Remove your Hairdreams extensions in either of two ways, depending on how they were applied. For glued on Hairdreams extensions, fold the natural hair back to reveal the bottom of the extensions (where they are secured to the head or roots). Apply the glue dissolver to the base of the Hairdreams extension. Massage it in with your gloved hands until you can tell the extensions loosening.

With the wide-tooth comb, carefully comb down the extensions, starting at the top. Use your fingers to help hold the extensions and support them. Be careful that none of your real hair comes out with it.

Carefully remove each extension, and set the extensions aside. Wash your hair thoroughly and condition.

For sewn-in extensions, locate the thread of the extension that is sewn into your own hair.

Carefully cut the thread, making sure you do not cut any of your natural hair. Slowly pull the thread so the extension rows come away from your hair. As you pull it away, you will see the extension hair and will be able to unlace it from your natural hair. Repeat this procedure with each extension.

Set the extensions aside. Comb your hair so the extensions loosen and separate from your own hair. Wash thoroughly and condition your hair.