How to Remove Grass & Dirt Stains From Baseball Pants (works for Football Pants Too!)

If you have tried to remove grass and dirt stains from baseball or football pants lately, you are probably pretty frustrated. The polyester pants are simply unforgiving when it comes to stain removal. If you're anything like me, you've turned those pristine white pants yellow because you used the wrong stain remover, or you simply couldn't get the stains out (how embarrassing!). Thankfully, I've found the solution.

Place a hefty scoop of OxiClean into a clean bucket.

Fill the bucket with hot water, making sure the OxiClean dissolves completely.

Pour Lestoil directly onto the grass and dirt stains. Rub vigorously to work the lestoil into the fibers of the pants.

Soak the pants in the OxiClean bucket overnight.

You should see a significant reduction or elimination in the grass and dirt stains in the morning. However, if a stain is still apparent, reapply lestoil and resoak in OxiClean.

Wash pants as normal (I use hot water).

Voila! Your kid will have the cleanest, whitest baseball / football pants on the field!