How to Remove Chin Hair without Tweezers or Chemicals

Chin hair. If you're a teen-aged boy, you want it. If you're a middle-aged woman, you don't. Constantly tweezing your chin can be frustrating, and even lead to more coarse hair sprouting from your chinny-chin-chin. Learn how to take off your chin hair and make it thinner at the same time without painful epilation.

Make a finger mitt using a small amount of tape and the sandpaper. Simply wrap your index finger in sandpaper and tape it together. This is an optional step.

Using the sandpaper finger mitt or a square of sandpaper, rub the hair away. Use a circular motion and only light pressure. See the warnings and tips below.

Once you have rubbed the hair off, use a cotton ball to apply a good moisturizing toner. This will keep your skin from getting scaly while removing any contamination from getting into your skin. See the warnings below.

After you've used the toner, you will need to moisturize your skin. Eucerin or Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring lotion work very well after this type of hair removal. While traditional moisturizers will do a good job, these are heavier and will give you better moisture retention.

Repeat this process about once a month. Each time you do it, you should see thinning if not a reduction in chin hair. Once again, see the warnings.