How to Re-felt a Pool Table

How to Re-felt a Pool Table. Pool tables can last for many years with minimal repairs. Re-felting a pool table is normally the only repair needed for your table to last. You can even re-felt the pool table if you get tired of the color. Learn how to re-felt a pool table by following these following steps.

Measure the pool table to know exactly what size felt you need to re-cover the table. Purchase the new felt at least 12 inches longer and 12 inches wider than you will actually need. Also, determine what color you would like to use.

Remove the rails around the edge of the table. They are covered in felt and should be re-felted at the same time as the table top. Do this by removing the bolts located on the underside of the table. Remove the rails and keep them in the correct position so they aren't put in on the wrong side later.

Pull out the staples along the edges of the felt with a staple remover. Be careful to remove them completely, not leaving any part of the old staple in the wood.

Lay the new felt on top of the table and inspect it carefully for flaws. Cut along the end and each side. There should be 12 inches on each side left over. Use this to re-felt the rails of the pool table.

Cover the pool table with the new felt. Start at the center of one end and staple the felt to the table. Work your way to the edges. Now move to the opposite end of the table and staple that end, pulling the felt very tight before you staple.

Move to the side edges and start at the center, stapling the felt as straight as possible along the edges. Move to the opposite side and pull the felt tight and staple along the edges.

Cut three slits in the excess felt at the corner pockets. Wrap the felt under the edges, staple the edges down and cut off the excess felt.

Re-attach the rails that have been covered in new felt. Push a pencil or screwdriver through the bolt holes to see where the bolts should go.

Insert the pocket liners.