How to Put Letters on Cookies

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Cookies are a treat that are enjoyed by many people all over the world, and each country has their own variety of these soft and crunchy sweets. Those who bake cookies often enjoy decorating them with different types of sugars and sprinkles. There are a couple of ways to put letters on cookies that will make them even more tasty and you can use the letters to write a word or short message.

Powdered Sugar

Allow the cookies completely cool before you start decorating.

Place the stencil for the desired letter on the cookie.

Cut up pieces of scrap paper to cover the areas of the cookie outside the stencil. Sift the powdered sugar over the stencil. A light coating is sufficient. Once it's coated, use tweezers to gently lift off the scrap paper and stencil. Remove the pieces slowly so that the sugar doesn't fall on to the cookie.

Reverse the stencil and sugar combination to create the opposite visual effect. Lay the stenciled letter down on the cookie and coat the exposed cookie with powdered sugar. Gently lift the stencil with tweezers. This method will coat the entire cookie in sugar except for the letter.


Purchase a basic cake decorating set and the frosting of your choice. A basic cake decorating kit will include a flex bag for frosting and various tips to make different decorations.

Fill the flex bag with frosting and attach the tip that has the smallest opening.

Squeeze the flex bag gently so that the frosting exits the tip. Hold the tip over the cookies and slowly draw the desired letters as you apply firm and even pressure on the flex bag.