How to Put in a Hair Texturizer

hair texturizers are ideal for those who want to add some definition and reduce frizz to their very curly hair, or else to relax extremely springy hair. A texturizer can also help greatly increase the manageability of your hair. They are best applied by a professional stylist, since they will know exactly how much to apply, and what to do for your type of hair texture and length.

Put on the latex gloves for protection and better grip.

Start at the nape of your neck, and apply a thick amount of the texturizing paste around the hairline from the nape of your neck, to up behind your ears, to the hairline around your face. Keep it 1/4 inch from your hairline so it doesn't rest on the skin.

Use your hands and the wide tooth comb to brush the paste through and over your hair, down to the tips. If the paste runs thin, add more and brush it out to distribute it evenly. Generally, you want to apply the paste or cream in the direction that you want the hair to fall.

Decide if you want to use the texturizer to make your hair very straight, or if you just want to define curls. If you want it very straight, take the flat board and lay it under your hair, firmly placing it at the nape of the neck. Lean your head back and brush the hair out onto the flat board to straighten it out completely. When it is brushed out completely, flip over the comb and use the back of it to slide over the hair downwards, squeezing out the excess product.

Repeat this procedure in sections until all of your hair is completely straight with minimal product left in it, making it appear very shiny and flat. This helps create very straight hair with the texturizer paste or cream.