How to Protect the Soles of Dress Shoes

You have a comfortable, stylish pair of dress shoes that you want to wear for many years to come. To make sure that your dress shoes have the longest lifespan possible and that they always look fresh and new, it is important to protect their soles, especially if they are leather.

Apply a coating of spray-on water repellent to the soles of your shoes before wearing them for the first time. If your dress shoes have leather soles, use a leather-safe water repellent. After wearing your dress shoes several times, use a soft sponge to gently wipe your shoe soles with warm water. Then reapply the spray-on water repellent.

Remove dust, dirt and moisture from the soles of your shoes after every wear. Place shoes on cedar wood shoe trees when not in use to absorb harmful moisture that can hurt the soles.

Have a cobbler or shoe peddler attach protective soles to your existing shoe soles after wearing them a few times. These protective soles are virtually invisible and help protect your actual shoe soles from scuffing and natural wear and tear.

Attach anti-slip soles to existing soles if you live in snowy or icy climates. This protects shoes from moisture and keeps you safer from falling, too.

Rotate your shoes after each use if possible, so that they can breathe, rest and dry out if wet. This will prolong their lifespans.