How to Prevent Maxi Pads From Leaking

Maxi pads may not be fun, but they are necessary. But on top of moodiness, cramping and bloating, you have to worry about your pad leaking and staining your clothes. Here is how you can prevent your maxi pad from leaking.

Place at least 2 extra maxi pads in your purse. You never know when your period could sneak up on you. Have these pads available for emergencies.

Purchase extra long sanitary napkins with wings. The wings are important because they protect the outer edges of your underwear. When you walk, your legs naturally push the edges of your pad in, which can leave your underwear exposed. Wings prevent this from happening.

Change your maxi pad three times per day during the heaviest part of your cycle. Towards the end and the very beginning, you may only need to change your pad once per day. During the heaviest flow, however, never let your pad get saturated. This will only cause staining on your clothes.

Wipe your bottom when you urinate. That's right, your period can become extremely messy. Blood gets everywhere inside your underwear. Wipe your bottom even after just urinating to get rid of excess blood.

Wear a tampon during your heaviest flow if you need to make sure there is no staining or leaking. If you are wearing white pants, or if you will be in an extra long meeting that day, wear a tampon to soak up extra blood.

Sleep on your side at night. Sleeping on your back can make the blood run down and past your pad. Even extra absorbent maxi pads don't work too well at night if you sleep on your back.