How to Prevent Dry Skin On Feet

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Learning how to prevent dry skin on feet can be advantageous, both for comfort and for continued health. If you have flaky, itchy or just simply dry skin on your feet, follow a handful of simple suggestions to learn how to prevent dry skin.

Use good therapeutic ointments and creams. Avoid using lotions, because many contain alcohol. Alcohol can actually dry your feet out more.

Use a sand stone or a pumice stone to remove the dry skin. Removing the dry skin will allow the moisturizers to penetrate your skin. Take a bath before bed and soak to soften your feet. While you are in the tub, use the pumice stone to get all the dry skin off.

Wear socks to bed. Wearing socks to bed will help the moisturizers absorb into your skin by not letting the moisturizers escape into the air.

Check your shoes for areas that rub or create tight spots. These spots can be the cause of your dry skin. Use insoles to try to prevent these areas.


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