How to Preserve Your Henna Tattoo

Though not permanent and perhaps less than tattoo shop-grade, henna tattoos can still be beautiful accents and they don't have to peel and fade so quickly. You can make your henna design last for several weeks with a few tips.

How to Preserve Your Henna Tattoo

Allow your henna tattoo to dry. It will look flat, but it will not be cracking and it will no longer be runny.

Mix up the sugar and lemon juice with a spoon until thoroughly blended to create a glaze.

Dab a bit of the glaze on the henna with a cotton swab to keep it moist.

Allow to sit over night or as long as you can stand it. Flecks of henna and glaze that come off throughout the night will wash out of your sheets.

In the morning, scrape the mud and glaze off, but try not to wash the area or get it excessively wet. The dryer the area is allowed to remain, the longer the paint will stay.

Keep lotions and moisturizers away from the painted area, these products also fade henna designs.