How to Plan a Fundraising Golf Tournament

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Planning a fundraiser can be a very stressful and ultimately very rewarding experience. Golf tournaments are popular fundraising events for a charity or non-profit organizations because they typically attract a lot of players. After all, golfers are always looking for an excuse to hit the links! With some careful research and preparation, you can plan an enjoyable outing for your attendees and raise a significant amount of money in the process.

First, decide where you will hold the golf tournament. Ask around to see if anyone on the fundraising committee or within the charity has any connections to a golf course or country club. Many golf courses will offer reduced fees for charity events.

Once you have secured a golf course location, set a date for the tournament. Make sure you don't set the date for a holiday weekend or a time when other events will be taking place in your area, such as graduations.

Contact local restaurants or caterers to find a company willing to donate food, such as boxed lunches. Check with the golf course personnel for referrals to food service contacts that they regularly work with for tournaments.

Decide how much you will charge the golfers to participate.

Contact local businesses and ask them to sponsor your event. The general protocol for a charity golf tournament is to have businesses or individuals sponsor a hole or provide prizes. Consider creating different levels of sponsorship based on the amount donated.

Collect donations for goodie bags. Check with local businesses for promotional freebies to put in the goodie bags. Promotional items you can add to goodie bags include magnets, pens, pads of paper, letter openers, coupons, golf balls, coffee mugs, product samples and candy.

Create a promotion plan for you event. Since your golf tournament is for charity, the media may agree to promote your event for free. Check with your local newspaper, community magazines, and local radio stations to see if they will promote the tournament. Leave fliers at the golf course where the tournament will be held, and check with other golf courses in the area to see if they will let you leave fliers about the event in their pro shops.