How to Move Your Family to the USA

The United States of America has its problems from time to time, but many people from all over the world still want to come here. Someone moving family members from another country into the U.S. will need to follow strict procedures established by Immigration Services.

The candidates must be in good health. Have all of the family members get a complete physical prior to applying. The U.S. officials will ask for a medical clearance from their doctor. If there are any health challenges, get them cleared up prior to applying.

Read the rules on the Immigration website ( There are different requirements based on your circumstances. For example, if you are a U.S. citizen already, the forms necessary to bring in family members are different from those used if all of you are applying for citizenship at once. You do not need an attorney. If you or any family member has a criminal conviction, you may want to obtain an attorney to help facilitate the process.

If you are the sponsor, you must have verifiable steady employment for at least the past two years. You must also have an established verifiable residency for the past two years.

Your income should show that you can support family members you are trying to move to the United States. Otherwise, you must provide proof that any of working age will be gainfully employed upon arrival in America.

Due to the climate of terrorism, religious affiliation may be a factor. You may need to give a detailed explanation of your religious beliefs, your activities, and your associations.