How to Mix a Brown & Blond Weave

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Hair extensions can be used to create highlights. If you want to create a natural look, you can combine similar colors, like a light brown with an ash blond. Or, you can create a more dramatic effect by using dark brown and light blond hair weaves to create chunky highlights. Highlighted looks generally have one weave color sewn into an area, such as the back, the front or the sides with the second color sewn in a layered pattern all over the head.

Wash and dry your natural hair thoroughly.

Part your natural hair with the end of your rat tail comb and cornrow it. Cornrows create a base for your weave. They also lay flat against the scalp to facilitate the weaving process. If you are doing highlights, make sure to braid the side of your head as a separate section for the highlights. The cornrows in each section should be braided close together revealing as little scalp as possible between the braids.

Do not cornrow all of your hair straight back if you want neat highlights in the front or on the side. Cornrow separate sections, as explained in Step 2, for front and side highlights. Cornrow all the hair straight back or in a circular pattern for blended hair colors or highlights in the back.

Thread your sewing needle and tie knots in the ends of the thread.

Choose the first color you want to work with. If you plan on blending your look or applying your highlights at the nape, you will start at the back. If you are highlighting another area, you may sew that section first.

Remove a track of weave. Measure the track from ear to ear and cut it to fit. Start at the nape of your neck and sew the track onto the braids from ear to ear. Pull the tracks tight while sewing.

Use five to six tracks of curly weave at the back or up to 10 tracks of straight weave. Use the same color weave for your rear highlights or alternate track colors for a blended look.

Do not cut weave hair for the top of the head. Instead, use an arm's length to prevent tangling. Sew a thumb-sized circle at the top of the head. When the circle is finished, cut away all remains.

Continue your highlights in the back with one color on top or create a blended look by completing your weave in a criss-cross or "X" pattern. Continue to alternate colors or use one color. Re-thread your needle as in Step 4. Cut off any thread hanging past the knot. Sew from the right side behind your ear toward the front left. Sew across your forehead from left to right then continuously down diagonally behind the left ear.

Sew in highlights at the front or side by measuring the weave along the length of the braid in your highlight-designated section. In this instance, you will not use the "X" weave pattern.