How to Measure Coat Sleeve Inseams


0:04 hi this is Katrina Soliday from fuzzy

0:08 studios and I'm gonna be going over

0:09 today how to take the measurement of the

0:12 inseam of a jacket now this is a pretty

0:15 unusual measurement typically when

0:17 you're asking for a sleeve measurement

0:19 you do it really differently you go from

0:21 the back down however certain patterns

0:24 and certain tailors will ask for this

0:27 measurement from time to time so when

0:28 they do you'll be prepared the best way

0:31 to do this is not to actually measure on

0:32 your body you're gonna want to take one

0:34 of your favorite jackets and fits

0:36 perfectly like I have here and you're

0:41 gonna do that measurement from this so

0:44 if you have a nice clean bake service go

0:47 ahead and take that favorite jacket

0:49 lay it down face up and make sure that

0:53 it's laid so that the body side inseam

0:57 is folded along and the sleeving and

1:01 seam were the one you're gonna measure

1:03 it is folded along it so once you have

1:07 everything stretched out you're going to

1:11 take your handy dandy measuring tape

1:14 now this measuring tape is specifically

1:16 for measuring fabrics and for measuring

1:18 body parts if you don't have one I

1:21 highly recommend getting one it makes

1:23 your life a lot easier and it's going to

1:25 give you a more correct measurement than

1:27 you are gonna get with other measuring

1:29 tapes out there so you're gonna take

1:32 your sleeve from the hem line you're

1:36 gonna measure in along that sleeve

1:38 inseam all the way down to where the

1:43 sleeve meets the body which is going to

1:46 be down the inseam down to the armpit

1:48 once you have that measurement you will

1:52 have the measurement for your sleeve

1:53 inseam so the next time someone asks you

1:56 you'll know how to do it thanks for

1:58 watching this is Katrina from fuzzy

2:00 studio