The Correct Sleeve Length for a Man's Suit Jacket

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For men, finding a suit that fits is a daunting task. Besides the fact that the suit should be in a color and style that matches the occasion, it also must fit ideally all over. One of the measurements that must be correct is the sleeve length of the suit jacket. If a suit jacket has sleeves that are either too long or too short, it will make the wearer look unkempt.

Exposed Shirtsleeve

When wearing a suit jacket that has the correct sleeve length, at least some of your shirtsleeve should peek out from under the suit sleeve. According to the Style Guy at "GQ" magazine, "about a half inch of shirt cuff should show below your jacket cuff, just as a half inch of shirt collar should show above your jacket collar." This is the key to knowing whether your suit sleeves are too long or too short.


As mentioned by "GQ," the sleeve of the jacket should end at your wrist bone. With arms at your side, your shirtsleeve should be abut a half inch longer than the jacket sleeve. This is why suit jackets are not a one-size-fits-all clothing item. According to the Men's Wearhouse, the sleeves of your suit should not go past your wrist if you want to look professional.


Every man has different arm lengths, and no single man has symmetrical arms. One arm is always longer than the other, which makes measuring each arm separately a necessity in determining the length of each suit sleeve. When measuring suit sleeve length, make sure it hits the wrist on each side when your arms are relaxed at your sides.


It is not wrong if your shirtsleeves stick out from under your suit jacket because this is the proper way to wear a suit. According to the Suit Society, this makes you appear stylish and well groomed. 'Wearing your sleeves on the correct length also shows that you are wearing a suit tailored to your size and not some suit in somebody else's size." Therefore, it is important to get a suit, or just its sleeves, tailored so that they fit you. Your suit should fit you, instead of you fitting into a suit.