How to Make Your Own Nursing Tank Top

IT Stock Free/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Once you have a baby, you realize that all of the things you will have to buy for yourself and your child can be very expensive. If you plan on breastfeeding, a nursing top will be a necessity. Although nursing is perfectly natural, many people are uncomfortable seeing a mother nursing a child in public, especially when her is skin exposed. The new nursing tops are made to cover the mother and make nursing easy with quick access. Using these ideas, you can make your own nursing tanks and shirts out of clothing you already have on hand.

Go through your closet and find as many old tank tops as you can. Choose three or four, each in a different color. These will be the basis of your nursing top wardrobe. Each of these tanks can be worn under shirts with a contrasting color or under another tank. Choose outer shirts that are loose and comfortable to avoid wrestling with a tight shirt when your baby is hungry.

Try each one on and mark the areas on the tank where your nipples are.

Take the shirt off and lay it flat on a table or other surface. Using the marks on the shirts as a guide, center the shot glass over each one and draw around the outside of the glass. You should have two circles where the breasts will be.

Cut out the circles. Put on the tank top with another loose fitting top over it and you now have a nursing top. When the baby is ready to feed, simply open the clasp on your nursing bra under the tank and raise the bottom of the outer shirt to feed your baby. Your tummy is covered and the top of the outer shirt will come to the top of the baby's face.