How to Make Your Own Cake Topper

Image courtesy of user gojeffrey on Flickr Creative Commons,

A cake topper is a great finishing touch for a special occasion cake. Think of a topper as being comparable to the table centerpiece for a special meal. A topper should reflect the occasion and be indicative of who or what is being celebrated. Choose from many different materials to make a cake topper. Be creative, and stay on the lookout for potential cake toppers or cake-topper parts at craft stores and grocery stores. Learn how to make your own edible cake topper out of fondant.

Plan the design for your cake topper. Make sure the finished product will reflect the occasion or personality of the celebrant(s). If you are making a wedding cake topper, for example, tailor your idea to the personalities of the bride and groom. Draw a picture of what you expect the cake topper to look like. Include colors and any detailing.

Gather the supplies for making your topper. Begin by coloring the fondant. Divide the white fondant into lumps of different sizes, then dye each lump to the color you need. Make sure your lumps of fondant are large enough, since it can be difficult to match colors later using a second batch of fondant and dye.

Put on your plastic gloves, and color the fondant by spreading gel color on with a toothpick. Fold the fondant over, and knead it between your hands until the color is completely blended with the fondant. Add more dye if necessary for a deeper color.

Create your topper by sculpting the dyed fondant pieces. Treat them like clay. Break off bits, and use them to mold and shape the parts to put together your topper. Add finishing touches or detailing with edible paint and toothpicks or small brushes. When you're finished, decide how to mount the topper on the cake. You can roll out and cut a stand from a circle of fondant, or stick toothpicks in the bottom of the topper to set it stably on top of the cake.

Let the fondant topper dry thoroughly. Put it in a room-temperature location away from direct sunlight. The topper may require up to a week to dry. When it seems to be set and firm, place it on top of the cake and serve.