How to Make Use of Old Gloves

There are many items around your home you may not have considered reusing. Like that single glove that lost its pair. Gloves protect your hands and keep them warm in the winter months, but they have a number of other uses around the home. Whether tattered and worn, or if you just lost the other pair, you can make use of just about any old glove. Read on to learn more.

Safe old gloves and make use of them for children's crafts. You can decorate the fingertips with felt, fabric, yarn and other details to cover the worn our holes and stains and make a fun finger puppet with your kids. Or, you might stuff the glove and pull it over a pine cone to make a Thanksgiving turkey or a reindeer. The creative minds of children will always find a use for your old gloves.

Clean with your old gloves. A soft glove can be a helping hand for dusting houseplants, venetian blinds or other delicate surfaces. You can give your glove a light spray of your favorite cleaning solution, put it on and you are off to work. When you are done cleaning up, just toss the glove in the washing machine.

Use an old glove as insulation to protect your hands. Slip on an old glove that's lost its pair to change out a hot light bulb. You can even use your glove in the kitchen or cooking on the barbecue as the perfect handy oven mitt.

Cut up your old leather gloves and save the leather pieces for some creative craft or sewing projects. Turn them into patches as a unique and attractive way to cover holes in jeans or jackets. You might add a piece of leather to a patchwork quilt or even use the pieces in your jewelry making.

Make use of your old gloves in the garden. They may be too tattered and worn for everyday use, but you can use them to protect your hands and nails while you are working in the garden. Every garden store in America sells specialty garden gloves, but there is no reason to buy when you have that old pair of gloves laying around.