How to Make the Dominican Coco Loco Mixed Drink


0:00 this is a refreshing cocktail it's

0:02 called a Dominican cocoa two local now

0:04 with a cocoa and a you would think it

0:05 has coconut rum and it does it's got

0:07 amaretto it's got some grenadine little

0:10 milk and pineapple juice interesting

0:13 cocktail let's get started we're gonna

0:14 build this actually we're gonna shake

0:16 and strain it into a Collins glass

0:17 filled with ice let's get our shaker oh

0:19 it's right here thank you very much

0:20 appreciate that okay we're gonna use

0:23 coconut rum in this case it's Malibu now

0:25 nice thing about Malibu

0:26 it says Caribbean rum on the front but

0:28 it's actually made with coconuts and

0:30 Jamaican rum and it's a product of

0:31 Canada go figure that one out

0:34 three parts and I just want to work with

0:37 beer all day no no no splash splash

0:39 splash splash splash splash splash

0:41 flexible thing three parts good one part

0:43 of amaretto like so let's get a splash

0:47 of grenadine for good old sweetness a

0:50 little bit of Lake cream here some

0:55 pineapple juice that looks good

1:00 let's see how my pouring skills are it's

1:02 got our glass ready let's give us a good

1:04 shake one of reasons I like the mix of

1:08 person and strain into a glass already

1:10 with ice is that it won't dilute the

1:13 drink any further cuz it's already been

1:14 chilling mixed look at that don't mean

1:20 again there Coco ah my good at what

1:24 source strong air down a hatch enjoy