How to Make Stretch Mark Oil

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Make Stretch Mark Oil. Many women find that massaging skin with homemade stretch mark oil is a great way to prevent stretch marks, and can often alleviate stretch marks that are already present. The oil will also keep the skin smooth and supple and the delightful aroma is an added bonus. Read on to learn how to make stretch mark oil.

Lavender Stretch Mark Oil

Place all of the oils in a spray bottle.

Shake until blended thoroughly.

Let the mixture sit for four days so the oils can blend.

Use the stretch mark oil twice daily. Shake before each use.

Aromatic Stretch Mark Oil

Place all of the ingredients into a spray bottle.

Shake to mix well.

Allow the mixture to sit for three or four days before using.

Massage into skin twice daily.

Extra-easy Stretch Mark Oil

Pierce the vitamin capsules with a pin or needle.

Place all of the ingredients in a blender container.

Blend on low speed until thoroughly blended.

Store the extra-easy stretch mark oil in a sealed container.

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