How to Make Shiny Black Boots Dull

Hemera Technologies/ Images

When you are trying to dress well for an occasion, you want to look good and catch people's attention. However, you don't want to blind them with you super shiny black boots. If you have a new pair of black boots, you may decide to reduce the amount of wax on them to make them a bit duller. While you could take them to a professional for this, it is almost as easy and a great deal cheaper to do it yourself.

Clean the boots thoroughly with a wet cloth. Allow them to dry.

Pour a very small amount of nail polish remover onto a clean cloth. Don't overdo it, since you want the cloth to be damp, not soaked.

Wipe carefully over the boots with the cloth. Go at it slowly, and don't rub on one spot more than any other, since you want a uniform result. Let the boots dry.