How to Make Shawl Pins

girl in shawl image by Alexander Zhiltsov from

The sort of hair stick that will hold a chignon in place can also be used to hold a shawl closed. A shawl pin is the perfect project to make, use and showcase a orphaned vintage earring.

Choose an earring that will stay intact and have a flat back surface with the hardware removed. Remove the hardware, using the pliers.

Roughen up both the flat part of the earring and the top of the thick part of the hair stick with sandpaper. This will help the hot glue to stick.

Glue the flat part of the earring to the top of the stick.

Wrap a shawl around your shoulders, holding it closed across your chest. Slip the pointed end of the shawl pin through both layers and back to the front again. If the earring dangles, turn the pin so that it hangs to the front.