How to Make Scented Sachets

Scented sachets have been used for centuries in wardrobes, linen closets and entire rooms to freshen areas with the scent of herbs and flowers. They’ve even been used to repel moths from clothing. More recently, sachets filled with herbs and flowers have been used as favors at parties and events. These small scented pouches are a craft that can be assembled quickly and easily at home.

Choose the fabric you want for your sachets. Any fabric with a weave thick enough to hold dried flowers or herbs without them falling out works fine. Fabrics like tulle or organza which have a slightly open weave allow more of the scent to permeate an area more quickly. But you can use just about any fabric you want for your scented sachets.

Cut the fabric into rectangles four inches long by three inches wide for small sachets that fit in comfortably in your palm. You can adjust the size of you fabric for larger or smaller sachets as desired. Use your first piece of fabric as a pattern to help keep your sachets the same size.

Fold your fabric in half so that you have a small pouch. Sew both edges of this pouch making sure to leave the top open so you can fill it with potpourri. Turn the pouch inside out, so that the rough seams are facing inward.

Fill your pouch halfway full with the flowers or wood shavings of your choice. You can buy commercial potpourri at most craft or mass retailers. You can also use herbs or flowers from your own garden. Make sure that they are completely dry before using them in your sachets. To help keep your sachets smelling sweet or to make the scent stronger, you can add essential oils to your sachet filler before placing in into the pouches. These oils can be purchased at most craft stores.

Tie the top of you sachet with the ribbon of your choice. Make sure that it’s tied firmly so the potpourri won’t fall out easily. For something a little different, you can sew the top of your pouch shut to make small pillow-shaped sachets.