How to Make Pressed Hair Last Longer

Pressing hair is a technique used to straighten hair without the use of chemicals. Pressing is often used as an alternative to perms and other damaging methods. However, because the process is only temporary, pressed hair easily reverts back to its natural texture in a short amount of time.

Stay away from water and wet hair products. Wetness will cause the pressed hair to quickly revert. To prevent this, try to keep water off of your hair, and take precaution during rainy weather by always having an umbrella or jacket on hand. Wet hair products like hair lotions and gels should not be used.

Refrain from extreme exercise and hot weather. Sweating is another factor to be aware of when pressing your hair. If you regularly exercise, reduce the length of your workout routine to prevent excessive sweating. Staying indoors or in cool places during hot weather will also help to cut down on sweating onto your pressed hair.

Keep your hair tied up while at home. At home, keep your pressed hair in an updo and out of the way. This preventative measure keeps your hair looking straighter and healthier while also protecting it from dust and fabric from your clothes that can pull at your hair.

Protect your hair while you sleep. Sleeping with loose hair promotes tangling and can affect its appearance, causing the hair to look dull and lifeless. Hair caps, bonnets and satin pillowcases are useful when making your pressed hair last longer.

Re-straighten or touch up your hair with a flat iron if it gets frizzy or curly. Water and heat can be hard to avoid, but if you notice your hair becoming slightly poofy or curly, you can re-straighten the sections of curly hair until it is time to completely re-press it.