How to Make Pizza Shop Quality Pizza Dough


When making pizza, the dough is the most important part of the pizza. if the dough is not good then the pizza will not be.

Fill a bucket with 3 1/3 gallons of room temperature water and add to industrial stand mixer.

Next add the salt and sugar and mix.

Carefully add the 50lb. bag of high gluten flour to the water mixture, and begin to mix on medium.

While mixing, spread along the edges the 2 ounces of the dry active yeast.

Keep an eye on the mixer. When the dough begins to "cling" and "stick" to the mixer arm, add the 12 fluid ounces of olive oil. Allow to continue to mix.

There is no set time limit for dough to complete in because each batch is different. But what you need to look for is when the dough no longer looks oily and begins to look smooth and no longer sticks to the mixer arm the dough is done.

Grab a helper and remove the mixing bowl and place it on your work table.

Flour you work area generously to avoid the huge dough ball and your finished individual dough balls from sticking to your table.

The ideal dough ball weight to make a 16 inch round pizza is roughly 26 ounces. With a sharp bread knife have one person cut from the large dough ball the 26 ounce individual pizza dough balls.

Next is forming you 26 ounce dough in to dough balls. In order to form each portion of pizza dough into a ball hold your hand like a spider over the pizza dough piece, roll your pizza dough into a ball, continue to roll while applying pressure with your palm and heel of your hand. You will feel the pizza dough grab the table and begin to roll in the palm of your hand. If this is too difficult you may fold the top of the dough piece into its center and continue buy turning it a quarter turn and repeating until you go full circle.

Lastly place each pizza dough ball in its own individual oiled plastic container and refrigerate 24-72 hours for the best results. Remember when placing your dough balls into your oiled plastic containers you will need to turn your dough ball seam side down.