How to Make Perfumes Last on Your Skin

How to Make Perfumes Last on Your Skin. You've found the perfect scent at an affordable price, but whenever you wear it, it's gone within a few hours. Why does that happen? Read on to stop wasting your perfume and learn ways to ensure that it stays strong throughout the day or night.

Maintain Healthy Skin to Enhance Perfume

Healthy skin is key to the successful use of beauty products. First, ensure that your skin is thoroughly washed prior to applying perfume.

Evaluate yourself for any particular skin or body issues that may cause you to have a strong body odor. If you use perfume to mask body odor, it will not last as long, and eventually your body odor will overpower the perfume.

If you have any skin or body issues that could be disrupting the use of your perfume, address them by seeking professional help or using appropriate products before applying perfume.

Ensure that you are not using perfume in place of a deodorant or antiperspirant. Even deodorants with a light smell will not mask your perfume, but instead enhance it. The deodorant will take away any odor from sweat, allowing your perfume to gracefully scent the remainder of your body.

Ensure that you have no open irritations or sores on your body before applying perfume, as the combination of perfume and bodily fluids can combine to create unpleasant odors.

Provide Moisture to Prolong Perfume

Perfume lasts longer in a moist environment. Before applying perfume, first evaluate the state of your skin-is it dry and flaky, or moist and healthy?

If your skin is dry, apply a moisturizer to help bring fluids to your skin. Consider buying a lotion that is the same scent as your perfume.

Allow the moisturizer to be fully absorbed by your skin before applying perfume.

Identify your pressure points, and ensure that they have already been moisturized. The most common areas to spritz with perfume are your wrists, your neck and behind your knees.

Spray perfume across your body, making sure to cover your pressure points for maximum staying power.