How to Make Ice Pick Sideburns

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As a man, you may have worn sideburns for a long time--even short and simple sideburns. However, as you grow older and more hair begins growing on your face, you may be tempted to try out new sideburns styles. One sideburns style, known as ice pick sideburns, is a short, skinny and pointed sideburns cut that runs down the length of the face and comes to a point well below the ears.

Trim your sideburns with a trimmer so that the hair is very short and cut close to the skin. Do this by using the shortest possible setting on your beard trimmer attachment. Use the trimmer on dry skin and hair to ensure that you get an even cut.

Design your sideburns into the triangular shape that signifies the ice pick sideburns by using your trimmer without any attachments and cutting into and pulling away from your hair. The triangle should be very long and taper downward, ending about one inch from your jawline. Look straight into the mirror, and, instead of using your ears as a point of reference, use your fingers to make sure that the lengths of each ice pick are even. You will want to make sure that each of the sideburns comes to a point at the same spot on either side of your face.

Remove excess hair around the triangle with a shaver and trimmer as needed, making the triangle thinner and thinner as it moves down your face. Be careful not to miss any spots and to form the ice picks as straight and even as possible. Use a shave gel with your shaver to help you determine you are staying on the right track. This will create an obvious line when when you run your shaver along the lines of your sideburns.

Rinse your face to clear off any remaining shave gel. Take one final look at your sideburns to make sure they are symmetrical and touch up wherever necessary.