How to Make Flowers Out of Socks

SFaloon 2008

Sock roses are nice, re-usable decorations at a baby shower or as a hospital gift. You can make a dozen long stem sock roses for the new Mom and deliver them to the hospital in place of real flowers, which she or the baby could be allergic to. Sock flower boutonnieres or corsages are thoughtful gifts for parents or grandparents at a baby shower. The sock flowers can later be removed and disassembled for the new baby to wear.

Lay one sock flat on your work surface.

Fold a small part of the toe area over at a slight angle.

Fold again, keeping the fold snug.

Fold once more while holding firmly.

Use your other hand to open the cuff and start to fold it inside out. This will fold up over bottom of folded toe area.

Make sure the entire cuff opening is folded up.

Wrap a piece of floral wire around the bottom of the sock rose. Make sure the floral tape secures the sock rose.

Fold socks tightly for rosebuds. Larger roses can be made by making a loose fold at the end of the folding process. Floral wrap a single silk rose leaf to the sock roses.