How to Make Essential Oil From Flower Petals

Making essential oil from flower petals is a process one can accomplish at home with some basic materials. While the process known as enfleurage does not produce highly concentrated essential flower oil, the result is worth the effort. In less than a week, you will have your own essential flower oil.

Collect flower petals over a period of seven days for best results. Harvest enough to comprise 4 tightly-packed cups and keep stored in an airtight container. If the weather or your home is not hot, leave the container at room temperature, otherwise store in a cooler spot. Place 1 cup of petals in a zip-lock plastic bag. Zip the bag closed, pressing as much air out as possible along the way. Press the petals lightly with the mallet. Repeat several times to release fragrance.

Pour the bruised petals into one of the canning jars. Add all of the carrier oil. Close the jar to seal it. Gently shake the jar to saturate the petals. Allow the mixture to infuse for two full days in a warm area. If you are doing this during a hot spell, infuse the mixture for a shorter period of time. Do not expose the mixture to too much warmth or the oil will spoil.

Strain the petals and oil through cheesecloth into the second canning jar. Throw away the crushed petals. Bruise another cup of flower petals. Add to the strained oil. Repeat the infusing and straining process. Continue this process until you have processed all 4 cups of flower petals.

Use a funnel to pour the fragrant oil into a storage bottle and close tightly. Store in a cool cupboard or closet. Essential oils keep safely for up to one year.