How to Make Crunchy Salmon Patties

by Damon Verial ; Updated September 28, 2017

Salmon patties can be thick or thin, depending on preference.

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Salmon patties are burger-like fish cakes held together with wet, and sometimes dry, ingredients. Salmon patties can be crunchy or soft. While some people may mistakenly believe that making salmon patties crunchy is only a matter of cooking method or choice of ingredients, truly crunchy salmon patties require both the correct ingredients as well as teh proper cooking process.

Mash the salmon. If the precooked salmon meat is still on the fish, remove it. If it is from a package or a can, drain the juice before removing the salmon. Put the salmon on a plate or in a bowl and mash it with a fork until it has the consistency of canned tuna.

Prepare the salmon breading. Mix the panko with the scrambled egg, in proportions that make the mixture of a slightly liquid consistency. Add enough milk to make the mixture about half-liquid and half-solid. Add the dry ingredients for flavor.

Create the salmon patties. Take a handful of the salmon meat and dip it into the panko breading mixture. Form a patty with your palm, pressing down in the middle and sides so that the patty becomes even. Place these patties aside for the moment.

Prepare the frying pan. Add a shallow layer of frying oil into the pan. The oil should cover half of a salmon patty, at most. Turn the heat on to medium.

Fry the salmon patties. Place the patties in the frying pan and let them fry for three minutes. Allow adequate space between them. After three minutes, turn the patties and fry them for another three minutes. After a total of six minutes, you will have crunchy salmon patties.

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