How to Make Beauty Pageant Banners

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Banners are an essential part of the beauty pageant process. Beauty pageant banners do not hang from rafters. On the contrary, banners -- or sashes -- drape over the shoulder and around the waist of contestants for identification purposes. The script on a beauty pageant banner, for example, may say something such as "Miss Connecticut," "Miss Frederick County" or "Contestant #4." Judges and audience members depend upon clearly marked banners to keep track of who is who throughout the contest.

Measure the distance from one shoulder to the opposite hip. Measure from the left shoulder to the right hip, for example. If the measurement is, for example, 30 inches, multiply 30 by two because the fabric will cover both your front and back side. Add 10 inches to the length to account for the draping. After adding, the total measurement in this case is 70 inches.

Cut a 70-inch by 2.5-inch piece of white satin fabric.

Drape the satin banner over your shoulder and around your waist. Ask a helper to mark the area of the fabric covering your upper body and midsection. This area is where you will attach felt markings.

Trace and cut felt fabric numbers and letters. Size each number and letter to the following dimensions: 2.5 inches by 2 inches. Make all letters capital size and all letters and numbers in block style. for the sake of clarity and uniformity.

Space and attach the letters and numbers evenly onto the front of the banner. Attach felt pieces with permanent epoxy.

Add two metal snaps 1/8 inch removed from the end of the banner. Evenly space and mark the satin where you want to attach the snaps. Use a pliers-style snap tool to attach the metal snaps. Follow all snap tool instructions for application. Purchase a pliers-style snap tool at your local home supply store.