How to Make a Sun Hat

Sun hats are a fun accessory. They may be made in many different styles and colors. Hats always add a bit of flair to any outfit. Sun hats also provide cover from the damaging rays of the sun. Sun hats may thus help prevent skin cancer on the face and head.

Measure the width of the head of the person who will wear the sun hat. Also measure the length you want the sun hat to go down on the head. Measure from the crown of the head to about 1/2 inch above the eyebrows. Then also measure from the crown of the head to the bottom of the hairline in the back of the head. Write down the measurements and bring them to the fabric store.

Browse the fabrics at the fabric store. Look for fabrics in pleasing colors that are also thick enough to block the rays of the sun. Light colored fabrics are best for climates with very high temperatures. Dark fabrics are acceptable in more moderate temperature climates. Choose a fabric that will be easy to sew on a sewing machine.

Tell the salesperson the measurements you have written down. Ask them to calculate the yardage of fabric you will need. Always buy a bit of extra of fabric to allow for any sewing errors.

Test the sewing machine on a scrap of fabric. Cut out the fabric for the sun hat according to a commercial pattern or a pattern you created yourself based on tracing another sun hat on a brown paper bag.

Turn the fabric inside out, pin fabric together with straight pins, and start to sew the side seams of the hat. When the side seams are sewn carefully remove all of the straight pins. Then use straight pins to make a hem at the bottom of the hat. Sew the hem and then carefully remove all of the straight pins.