How to Make a Sari Costume

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Women living in India often wear one long piece of cloth known as a sari. Saris can be cotton or silk, although the silk saris are typically only worn by royalty or wealthy individuals. Gems and henna tattoos or other forms of body art are worn with saris. Saris are popular costumes for parties and are very easy to make. This costume can be enjoyed by children or adults.

Begin by gluing gems on the T-shirt. Embellish the neckline and sleeves of the shirt to give it a Bollywood touch. Create patterns with the gems or simply line them along the bottom edge of the sari.

Slip on the leggings and tuck one edge of the fabric into the waistband of the leggings. Make a pleat in the fabric and tuck the top of the pleat in the waistband.

Continue to pleat and tuck the fabric until the fabric has completed circled the entire waist to create a skirt.

Drape the remaining fabric over your shoulder from back to front.

Accessorize with beaded jewelry as well as facial accents like beads. Use the gem adhesive to secure gems to face.