How to Make a Nice Display to Sell Purses

Design Pics/Valueline/Getty Images

Often, unique, eye-catching packaging is what attracts customers to an item. Similarly, an interesting display can accomplish the same thing. The next you are peddling your line of purses at a trade show, arts and crafts fair, local boutique or at a client's home, consider a few of these suggestions when you set up your display.

Set up as many tables as your space with allow. These can be portable and similar in size and shape. Parson tables are inexpensive, small and square, and will hold two to three purses arranged on each.

Cover the display tables with bright fabrics or sheets, which you may already have around the house. Or, purchase a few yards of fabric just for the display. To get the right amount of fabric, measure each table and purchase enough for each, leaving room for approximately 3 feet of material to drape over the sides. For smaller parson tables, use lace or doilies to cover the top of the table.

Cover shoe boxes with gold or silver foil to lend a high-rise effect to the table. Regular cardboard shoe boxes covered with wrapping paper make a nice display for selling purses. Prop the purses against the sides, and place them on top.

Display your purses suspended from bungee cords attached to one another and draped across the top of your larger display tables. This makes use of all space available at the table.

Install wire grid panels. Although a more expensive idea, wire grids are professional looking and you can use them in many ways to display your purses. For example, you could set up enough of these panels to make a wall around your display area. Using these wire panels will remove the need for tables, as you can use hooks to display several purses on each side.